Heart Shaped House

There are two men who live in a house, which is shaped like a heart, between two barren hills that have not grown green since the men were young. The house is black on the outside and on the inside painted a brilliant red.

One of the men is awake during the day, and handles the business that keeps the house afloat. One of the men is awake during the evening and contemplates the worth of the house. The two men look just the same, dress just the same, they sometimes say the same words and often they say those words at the same time.

However, late in the evening or early in the morning the two men are awake. They sit at a table in the kitchenette. The men share brandy and they argue sometimes quietly and sometimes they argue loud enough that if they had neighbor’s those neighbors would hear.

Of course, no one has been near the house in a long time.